one love

Lets face it, while traveling alone may have some advantages, holding someone's hand along the way has the makings of a remarkable journey of growth, learning, and love. Travel brings out the best and worst in us as we are stripped of of our routines from home and immerse ourselves in that which is unknown. It is in these moments that we are truly vulnerable, providing an opportunity to share intense feelings of joy, excitement, compassion, and concern; our true selves with those who care most.  Traveling with a significant other can be a truly rewarding experience as you face the challenges, experience the wonders, and reap the rewards of destinations through the eyes, minds, and hearts of two rather than one.

At Escapitos we believe that everything is better with two or more as positive interpersonal relationships shape the framework for our interaction as a global community. We offer a unique set of escapes exposing couples to our choice of exotic destinations in Central America; the perfect backdrop for falling in love, nurturing your current relationship, or rekindling a flame. Experience the tantalizing sites, sounds, and flavors of these magical places as you strengthen your bonds with couples yoga, combined spa and massage treatments along with breath taking sunset dinners for two. Look for love in all the right places with couples retreats, honeymoons, and destination weddings to our favorite destinations for romance in Central America.