about us


about us

Pura Vida Travel Co. is a boutique agency specializing in unique wellness-based travel experiences to destinations throughout Central America. Our goal is to provide products and services that facilitate the positive interaction between visitors and their destinations while simultaneously promoting principles of responsible and sustainable travel. With over 30 years of combined experience in Central American tourism, our knowledgeable staff work tirelessly to plan and execute personalized itineraries to choice destinations in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Panama. Combined with a commitment to customer service and consumer education we'll be with you each step of the way to ensure your next vacation is a memorable one.


Pura Vida

Pura Vida


One need only look so far as our name to find the inspiration behind Pura Vida Travel. In Costa Rica, ‘Pura Vida’ is commonly used a greeting to express a state of well-being or wellness. This mantra of the Ticos is also a way of life; a unique interaction between humans and their environment resulting in a ‘pure life’ of happiness and abundance.

At Pura Vida Travel we strive to embrace this spirit of wellness by pairing travelers with destinations and experiences that speak to the mind, body and soul. Our carefully chosen destinations are unique and authentic, introducing you to locations filled with energy and ready to explore as you tune in to nature, harmonize with local culture, and begin to move to the rhythm of the land. We pour our heart and souls into itineraries infused with a healthy balance of activity, leisure, and education so that you return from your travels energized, rested, and enlightened.

Each of our trips highlight select destinations throughout Central America celebrating their natural wonders and cultural significance. Our trips appeal to a broad range of travel styles while challenging you to expand your horizons with new and novel experiences. Because people like to travel differently, we offer three trip styles to fit your needs:


Hosted Trips - Join a group of like-minded travelers for an incredible journey to one of our choice destinations. Trips offer a balance of included tours as well as free time for optional activities. We arrange transportation in and around the country, lodging, tours, and healthy farm to table meals to complete your itinerary. The only thing you have to worry about it getting here!  

  • Trips have set price and dates that usually run on a Saturday arrival and Friday departure schedule

  • A Pura Vida Travel host will accompany your group along the way

  • Moderately priced. 3-4 star accommodations. popular among travelers 18-35.



Independent Trips -  Can't make our dates? Group travel not for you? No problem. These escapes offer the opportunity to visit the same destinations featured in our guided trips while affording a more flexible daily itinerary. Choose your own adventure as you wake each day in paradise with options to tour, relax, and dine at your leisure. Trips generally include lodging, transportation between your hotel and airport, and breakfast each day with detailed orientation prior to your departure providing useful information on the availability of guides, tours, and dining to add to your trip as you go along.

  • Flexible travel dates. comfortable prices for travelers on a budget.

  • Most hosted trips can be converted to independent trips. keep an eye out for exclusive self-guided ad-ons.

  • Ideal for friends, couples, and families.


Tailor-Made Trips - For those who move to the beat of their own drum, these trips provide you the opportunity to fully customize your trip to any of our featured destinations. Our trip planners work closely with you to design a travel experience tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

You can start from scratch or build off of any of the itineraries you find on our site, visit single destinations or multiple countries, stay for 3 days or 30, with endless possibilities limited only by your imagination and spirit of adventure.

  • Fully customizable dates, locations, activities, and meals: include as much or as little from the start as you'd like

  • Ideal for specialty travel including honeymoons, surf and birding excursions

  • Facilitate larger groups for yoga retreats, student trips, and destination weddings


sustainable travel

sustainable travel

While we can always escape the schedules, distractions, and worries of life at home, our carbon footprint is something that follows us wherever we may roam. Whether its trash left on the ground or simply taking a step or two off the rainforest trail, everything we do and say has an impact on the people and places we visit. Sometimes we can adhere to the most strict code of responsible travel, while just our physical presence in a fragile ecosystem creates an unavoidable impact.


Now, before thinking we're all just a big inconvenience to mother earth, consider an approach where your footprint can be minimized or offset. At Pura Vida Travel we believe it is our responsibility to facilitate this approach with products and services that promote sustainable travel with:

  • Focus on conservation of nature and preservation of local and indigenous cultures woven into each of our guided itineraries

  • 'Voluntour' activities included in our guided trips providing support for local schools and grassroots wildlife conservation efforts

  • Commitment to offsetting airline carbon emissions for international flights to and from all destinations through Costa Rica's National Forestry Fund


While responsible travel focuses on conservation of the environment and preservation of culture , another important element is caring for ourselves! Reading through our itineraries you may notice activities like yoga, surf, and spa services with an emphasis on farm fresh meals included in our guided trips.  

We encourage you to take advantage of these elements promoting overall health and wellness throughout your stay . We are confident you'll wake each day feeling invigorated & refreshed with an open mind, centered body, and peaceful soul ready for whatever paradise has in store.



Our vision is one of giving back to our gracious hosts, replenishing that which we consume, and drastically reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our hope is that like-minded travelers will adopt and embrace these principles of responsible and sustainable travel, partnering with us to preserve and protect these special places for future generations to experience just as we have.